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Fort Gibson Lake Fishing Report – 11/01/13

fort gbson crappie fishing

Happy Clients with some big Ft. Gibson slabs!

Fort Gibson is on fire with huge Black Crappie being caught on natural laydowns from the Whitehorn area up to Hwy 412 Bridge.

Depth of water I am fishing right now is 8′ to 20′ with baits being the Crazy Angler Slab Bandits in various colors and Bobby Garland Slab Slayers. Early the fish seem to be holding to the channel breaks and after the water warms up they move up on the flats in shallower water.

Lake Ft. Gibson Fishing Report for July 2013

This lake is starting to heat up now since the Corp’s are finally getting the lake levels down and the current has slacked some and the fish are turning on. My last outing on 7/8/13 we fished the upper end of the lake and were able to catch our limit of 45 really nice crappie in a days fishing. Wt was in the 80′s and the fish are relating to structure in 6′ to 12′ DOW. To make our catch we used Crazy Angler Tackle Slab Bandits in 2 different colors. Salt n Pepper and Black Shad colors. The technique is cast n drag using 6′ light action rods with 6lb Vicious Hi Vis Line casting over the structure and reeling back over it bumping the structure creating a reaction strike. It’s only going to get better as the Dog Days of Summer sets in. If you like catching big Black Species Crappie this is your lake.

Ft. Gibson, Tenkiller & Eufaula Fishing Reports – 3/07/13

Ft Gibson..water level is 3 ft high and the corps are dragging the lake hard. Fishing in general is slow with the high water levels and the current in the lake.
Tenkiller..Water Levels are coming up and is up from over 10′ low to just over 5′ low and the fish are starting to move. Fish are being caught in the upper end above hwy 82 bridge in 14′ to 20′ DOW on wood. Jigs are the main bait of choice in 1/16oz lead head with Slab Bandit in various colors and Bobby Garland Baby Shads working as well.
Eufaula..Fish are in the pre-spawn mode and on the move. In order to be consistent and catch a nice stringer of fish you need to cover water in the 12′ to 16′ depth. WT is anywhere from 48 to 52 degrees now and the lake is coming up slowly. Some of the creeks on the South end are really muddy from recent rains and you need to find water that has at least 6″ to 8″ visibility. Have been rigging minnows and jigs slowly up the creeks and catching some really nice fish in the 1 1/2lb to over 2lbs range.

Tenkiller, Lake Eufaula and Fort Gibson Fishing Reports – Oct 12, 2012

Greetings my fellow Crappie Fishermen!
Tenkiller Crappie fishing is picking up and fish being caught from upper mid lake to above hwy 82 bridge. With the water cooling down and the summer activity gone the crappie are moving back into the spring brushpiles and along edges. Limits of crappie are being caught from several different plastic baits and some really nice fish as well. On the last trip out on Tenkiller last week we unloaded in the Pettit Bay area and fished below and above the ramp area catching our limit of 30 very nice crappie but early afternoon. We also caught 30 to 45 smaller crappie in the 8″ to 10″ length that we released. Our biggest fish was a 2.07lb black species but most of the crappie were from 1lb to 1 3/4lb fish. With the lake being 7.75′ low it is still tricky and alot of tree tops just under the water so becareful if you decide to venture out on this beautiful lake. With the leaves changing color and the Bald Eagles fishing this time of year it makes for a beautiful day on the water. Water Temp is in the low 60′s
Eufaula right now is off and on when it comes to catching crappie. This lake is alittle down this year but you can still catch them. With the water being right at 4′ low this lake is also alittle tricky with alot of wood above the water or right under the water. Crappie on Eufaula rightnow are relating to structure and that can be wood or rock depending on the area of the lake your fishing. Eufaula being so large it fishes like 3 different lakes in one. The east end being very clear, south end being with some color and visibility being 6′”to 1′ depending on rain fall, and the north end being from 2″ to 8″ again depending on rain fall. When fishing the more colored water think bigger profile baits like the Yum Beavertails and Wollybees or the Crappie Pro Wasshoppa’s in pumkin/chart, black/pink, and lime/chart. One tip is when you think you are fishing slow enough slow that down even more to fill your livewell with crappie. Water Temp is in the lower 60′s
Ft Gibson is fishing really good right now on the upper end and fish are really relating to structure. My partner and I fished a Crappie.Com tournament on this lake last weekend with 30mph winds and finished 1st catching a 7 fish limit of 9.51lbs and also had big fish and was a 1.69black species. We caught over 40 keeper fish that day and had our 7 weighable fish caught by 10am. A tip on this lake right now is fish deep in the morning from depths of 15′ to 20′ and as it warms up go shallow. Again we are catching crappie on several different baits and it really doesn’t matter as long as you slow down and bump the wood creating the reaction strike.  Water Temp is also in the low 60′s and lake level is 1/4′ above normal and mostly clear.

The weather conditions this time of year with one front right after another is moving the fish around alot. But don’t get discouraged if the fish are not where you last had them pinpointed. They will not move far but as a low pressure moves in the fish will move off the structure in shallow water and move closer the the channel edges. If you were catching them in 10′ of water they will most likely stay in the depth but move into deeper water closer to the drop offs. In other words continue to fish at those depths in deeper water along the channel edges. A fast moving front this time of year can bring sudden changes to the lake your fishing so please have your life jackets handy and wear them.

Fort Gibson Fishing Report – October 1st, 2012

Hello Fellow Crappie Slayers!

Upper end of Ft Gibson is on fire right now. Fish are active and on wood. The summer time bite is coming to an end and the fish are starting to concentrate some on wood and rock. Fished today and caught fish from depths of 6′ to 15′ of water. Baits today were chartruse tied jigs in 1/16oz and Bobby Garlands in blue thunder and Bobby Garlands Slab Slayers in pumpkin/chart. both in the 1 1/2″ and 3″ sizes fished on 1/16oz Crappie Pro jig heads. We caught 39 keeper crappie today and had 12 over 1 1/2lb and 3 over 1 3/4lb. Total count today was somewhere between 75 and 100 crappie and that’s counting all the short fish also. Techniques used today were long-poling the wood and cast and dragging worked well also. Water Temp was 74 degrees and has been for over a week now and the water level is about normal with the clarity being about 1 foot or a little more.

Until next time, tight lines and respect the resource!

Fort Gibson Crappie Report For August 28, 2012

Today there wasn’t any current in the lake as there was yesterday, but the wind was a killer today. This made it almost impossible to stay on any structure in the open water. We gave it our best shot today and kept 14 very nice crappie. We had some really nice Pigs today with the biggest just under 2 pounds and several from 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 lbs. We caught them from casting and dragging to long poling flipping and swimming Yum Wollybees in pearl/chart. and pumkin/chart. in shallow cover. Today even the short crappie didn’t want to bite. We only caught maybe 10 or so short ones as compared to yesterday when we caught probably 50. Water temps was 83 at unloading and got up to 86 before leaving. The one thing that still holds true is that if you’re fishing any structure over 10 feet deep, you’re wasting your time!

A few of the Big Crappie we pulled out of Fort Gibson Lake today…